Birthday Wishes are made and shared with others on their special days. Internet is helpful in getting different types of wishes related with birthdays.

There are many sites on which wishes and greetings for birthdays are presented. People can use these wishes without changes or make some changes in them for making new wishes. Many people are sharing wishes and greetings through internet and using tools for making cards and images with their messages.

Advanced technology has made it easy to share wishes and greetings related with birthdays. Many people like to share cards and post them for others on birthdays with wishes and greetings. Wishes for birthdays are also mentioned in hard forms and also in soft forms as per requirements of users.


1. I am so thankful for another year to spend with you. You will always be our little angel. Happy Birthday my darling boy!

2. Best wishes, dear one, for a wonderful day and healthy year!

3. This is a happy day! How lucky we are to call you our own!

4. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

5. I would have filled this card with a load of money, but there were other things that I wanted to fill it with instead…my love, my pride, and an abundance of birthday wishes! I just felt it was the “right” thing to do! Ha! Happy Birthday!

6. I have a lifetime of fantastic memories because of you. My little baby has grown into a marvelous man, and you still are a part of many of my happiest moments. I hope that never changes. Happy Birthday, Son!